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The United Way Network plays a vital role in advancing opportunity, strengthening democracy, and mobilizing the caring power of communities for the common good. As organizations with extensive community impact experience, the work and perspective of local United Ways is deeply valuable to policymakers who are shaping our laws, policies, and governmental systems.

The Public Policy team leads United Way Worldwide’s Federal policy and advocacy efforts and supports the United Way Network in its policy engagement at the local, state, and national levels. We work closely with the Network to leverage the collective power, voice, and impact of the 900+ United Ways around the country to promote equitable public policies that create lasting community change.


Explore the breadth of United Way Worldwide's advocacy efforts: from our focused Federal Policy Priorities set for the 118th Congress to the collaborative State Public Policy Communities of Practice, and the practical utility of Sample State Legislation. Each area reflects our commitment to fostering equity, civic engagement, and effective policy development at all levels of government.


United Way Worldwide stands at the forefront of driving transformative change in communities across the nation. Our commitment to advancing opportunity, strengthening democracy, and harnessing the caring power of communities forms the core of our mission. We invite you to explore and participate in our advocacy and policy initiatives. From supporting the Human Services Emergency Logistics Program Act (HELP Act) to advocating for the Farm Bill and SNAP, and pushing for expanded tax credits, our efforts are diverse yet united in purpose. We're not just advocating for policy changes; we're fostering equity, civic engagement, and effective policy development at all government levels. Your involvement is vital. Join us in these efforts to co-create solutions that empower every individual to thrive.


Learn about United Way Worldwide's innovative strategies and in-depth insight through our Blogs and Reports. Our storytelling  and reporting offers a window into the diverse challenges faced by communities and the  solutions we are implementing. Engage with our expert perspectives on policy development, community support, and the transformative projects that are driving real change.


If you are interested in our advocacy efforts, get involved through our curated selection of resources. These tools are designed to amplify the United Way Network's influence in policy-making, ensuring your voice is heard in the corridors of power. Engage with our resources to strengthen communities and foster transformative policies.

  • Elected Officials Directory: Quickly locate and contact your elected officials using your ZIP code. Access detailed information and directly message them to influence policy decisions.
  • Public Policy News (PPN): Subscribe to PPN for weekly insights into policy developments. Stay informed and engaged with resources and event invitations tailored to your advocacy work.
  • State Policy Communities of Practice: Sign up here to participate.