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Federal Policy Priorities

United Way Worldwide has established its policy priorities for the 118th Congress, drawing on insights from local United Ways across the country. These priorities focus on promoting racial and economic equity and opportunity. They encourage cross-sector collaboration and problem-solving, bolster civic engagement and democracy, and aim to expand our impact potential.

At United Way Worldwide, together with the United Way Network, we are committed to advocating for these priorities. Our goal is to further the common good in communities nationwide.

These policy priorities offer a comprehensive framework for policy efforts at the national, state, and local levels. They empower local United Ways to:

  • Establish policy and advocacy objectives.
  • Interact with elected and Administration officials.
  • Formulate state or local policy agendas.
  • Partner with community and corporate entities on unified advocacy campaigns.
  • Develop broader strategic policy initiatives and tools for state or local use.
  • Enhance community impact efforts in resource development, campaigns, and marketing.

You can find the full policy agenda here