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Donate Take Action

United Way offers innovative solutions to build stronger individuals and communities, engaging people from all walks of life to become part of those solutions.

When you give to United Way, you're helping improve lives and strengthen communities by:

--supporting international education initiatives like Born Learning, which has helped more than 15 million parents become their child’s first teacher.

--fueling efforts like 2-1-1, which connects millions of people to essential services (everything from domestic violence prevention support to resources to secure affordable housing and utilities assistance).

--creating local solutions to local community challenges around the world, from helping more than 25,000 people find jobs in Boston, Massachusetts to providing clean drinking water and sanitation facilities for 6,000 girls in Kolkata, India.

Need more info about charitable giving?  Check out our Guide to Charitable Giving.

If you're a loyal contributor (a donor who has supported our cause for a decade or more), or if you’d like to learn more about this distinction and its benefits, we invite you to visit our Loyal Contributors page