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Broadening Horizons on Racial Equity

In the wake of last year’s racial justice protests and Derek Chauvin’s conviction for George Floyd’s murder, many are wondering about meaningful actions we can take to make our communities more equitable places. 

Some of us are having these conversations in our families, places of worship, social circles, or workplaces. Some of our employers may be initiating or beefing up diversity, equity and inclusion trainings. 

Especially when we examine the historical, systemic inequities that widen the gap for racial and ethnic minorities, the idea of positive change can feel overwhelming. What can one person do?  

We can start by broadening our horizons. United Way has created two opportunities – easy but impactful – for action that you can take today: 

Diversify Your Bookshelf 

How diverse is your bookshelf? As summer approaches, it’s a great time to expand your horizons -- and the books that you and your kids are reading. United Way Worldwide makes it easy with our new Diversify Your Bookshelf activity. 

Just register to get a reading list of age-appropriate authors and stories about people of color, touching on diversity, equity and inclusion. Our list includes a variety of books for kids from birth through 18, and for adults. The books are chosen and celebrated by parents, educators, experts, and readers from every region of the world. Register for Diversify Your Bookshelf here

21-Day Race Equity Challenge 

Do you want to get more engaged around issues of racial equity, but aren’t sure how to start? Join United Way Worldwide’s 21-Day Race Equity Challenge. It’s an easy, thought-provoking way to deepen your understanding of racial equity issues. For 21 days (June 28 – July 18) we’ll send you an email with a video, article or podcast about race and equity. It won’t take you more than 15 minutes to digest, but it’ll be meaningful. Join us and deepen your race equity understanding. Register for the 21-Day Race Equity Challenge here.