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But taking simple actions that matter can be done in other ways, too. What about diversifying  your bookshelf this summer, to expand the horizons and deepen racial equity understanding of your family?

United Way Worldwide makes it easy with our new Diversify Your Bookshelf activity.

Just register below to get a reading list of age-appropriate authors and stories about people of color, touching on diversity, equity and inclusion. Our list includes a variety of books for kids from birth through 18, and for adults. The books are chosen and celebrated by parents, educators, experts, and readers from every region of the world.


You are essential to advancing our diversity, equity, and inclusion work. Here are some ways you can get involved.


Corporate Support for Day of Action

United Way is grateful for the many Global Corporate Leadership program partners – plus local and regional companies – that provide financial, in-kind, and volunteer support for this year’s United Way Day of Action.

Find your local United Way.

There are nearly 1,200 Local United Ways around the world.

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