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United Way Statement regarding National Youth Enrollment Day

“Thursday, January 29 is the National Youth Enrollment Day. United Ways across the country will conduct various outreach and enrollment events to help young adults understand their health insurance options and get covered with health insurance. From happy hours, to campus events, to open-mic slams, to bus stops, to social media blitzes, United Ways from Orlando to Anchorage and Jersey to Irvine have organized creative events to reach the most uninsured age group in the nation. United Way knows that families are more financially secure and children do better in school if everyone has access to quality and affordable health care. In year one of Open Enrollment under the Affordable Care Act, 183 local United Ways, along with their partners, helped 2.5 million Americans with their health care options.”

Statement from Stacey D. Stewart, U.S. President, UWW regarding State of the Union Address

“One point the President made that’s really important to United Way is the intersection between education and financial stability, especially for young people.The economy is getting stronger, but it’s also true that twice as many youth are unemployed than adults in the U.S., and even more for young men and women of color.Tonight, United Way is calling on President Obama to go further. As part of America’s strategy to sustain a strong economy and boost higher education, the President should champion investment in solutions that work to help employ youth, like evidence-based apprenticeships, internships, and work-study programs.