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What You Can Do Right Now

Information is great. But taking small steps now can lead to big changes.
  • Today
  • Make sure you know exactly how much you owe and what you owe the money for. Request an itemized bill from your health care provider. If there are charges you do not recognize, ask about them.
  • Next Week
  • Check with your insurance provider about the portions of the bill it was supposed to cover. This goes for Medicaid, State Children’s Health Insurance Programs, and Medicare.
  • If you don't make much money, see if charity care can be applied to hospital bills.
  • Set up a payment plan. Make sure it’s one you can afford. Make sure all of your living expenses and higher priority debts are covered before you commit to a payment plan for medical debt.
  • In the Next Few Months
  • Continue to make payments on your debt. Be sure that you pay on time.
  • Deduct any applicable medical expenses on your taxes.
  • Consider setting up an emergency savings fund to cover future medical expenses.