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MySmartMoney is brought to you by United Way Worldwide and The SunTrust Foundation.


The SunTrust Foundation Purpose

Helping guide, advise, and lead people along their road to financial security and wellness, or as we call it, Lighting the Way to Financial Well-Being, is the motivation behind everything SunTrust does.

And the end of that road is a Life Well Spent—a life of financial strength and confidence. A life free from the worries of financial burden. That’s why the SunTrust Foundation has provided grants of more than $100 million to not-for-profit organizations focused on education, health and human services, and civic and cultural activities since 2008.

Aligning with SunTrust Bank’s larger goal of creating a movement to overcome financial stress in the United States, the SunTrust Foundation is committed to helping people start along their path to financial confidence.

This purpose is what drives the SunTrust Foundation in our actions, investments, and goals in our communities and the country as a whole.

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