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What You Can Do Right Now

Information is great. But taking small steps now can lead to big changes.
  • Today
  • Sit down with your partner and have an honest discussion about your personal finances.
  • Create a personal balance sheet and a cash flow statement for each of you.
  • Order your credit reports and read them for accuracy.
  • Talk about your vision for your wedding or commitment ceremony.
  • Next Week
  • Estimate the budget for your wedding or commitment ceremony.
  • Talk to each set of parents about their plans for contributing to the event and work that into your budget.
  • Use our tool “Anticipating Life Events” to create a savings plan.
  • In the Next Few Months
  • Meet with wedding vendors and negotiating prices. Use our tool “Cutting the Costs of Life Events” for some cost-savings ideas. And remember to be flexible and try to think outside the box, as both will help you to have a truly memorable event that won’t break the bank.