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Our Impact

Without United Way and MISSION UNITED, I would still be struggling right now. I didn’t know people like that existed, but they do. I wish all the other veterans out there who are coming back knew that too.

Francisco Martinez, Army Veteran

Today, Francisco has a job as a UPS driver and is back on the path to financial stability—thanks to support from MISSION UNITED™. An Army veteran who served in Afghanistan, Francisco struggled when he came home. He lost his home and his job, and for a time, he found it hard just to put food on the table. MISSION UNITED connected Francisco with food assistance, secure housing, dental care, and a job opportunity at UPS.

If it hadn’t been for MISSION UNITED, we would probably still be sleeping in the median of state road 84. I would tell other veterans, don’t give up. Get a hold of MISSION UNITED. They will help you.

Dennis Dean Robinson, Army Veteran

Today Dennis Dean Robinson and his wife Mary have a roof over their heads thanks to MISSION UNITED. A proud Army veteran, Dennis lost his job and his home and was battling health problems. MISSION UNITED connected Dennis with secure housing and help finding a job.


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