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Management and Sustainable Development Institute (MSD) is a Vietnamese non-profit organization, established on  March 5, 2008 . For 15 years, MSD has been taking long lasting efforts to contribute to addressing social issues of different communities in Vietnam. It always takes actions to support and help disadvantaged and vulnerable groups, especially children, youth, women, and people with disabilities. 
By its efforts in building capapcity for the CSO sector and facilitating the partnership with other stakeholders in Vietnam to tackle social issues, MSD has been recognized as a leading organization, and becomes a part of different regional and global networks and forums as a profressional development actor in social and philanthropic sector. Since it became a member of United Way Worldwide in 2021, MSD has also known as MSD United Way Vietnam.

How We Work

To strengthen collective impacts for the community, MSD applies different levels of the intervention. In details, it mobilizes caring power, investment and good practices for social impacts;  providing one-stop and comprehensive solutions and services to improve sustainable lives of the underserved groups; and advocating for enabling an environment/eco system for sustainable development.
MSD has strong relationship with both public and private sectors. In mobilizing financial resource for its work, MSD seeks grants from international aid source and INGO, including Irish Aid, UNDF, SIDA, EU, Save the Children, Plan International, World Vision. MSD also partners with several companies and corporate donors including Facebook, Microsoft, Tiktok, 3M, and Unilever, etc.  
MSD works with around 400 CSOs in Vietnam to tackle local social issues and improve the quality of life for disadvantaged people through education for development, income mobility and good health. Its key programs include children and youth rights and education, social innovation for social impacts, partnership for SDG implementation, and enviromental health.
A part from intervention projects implementation, MSD works with experts and partners to develop technical research on several thematic topics related to SDG, Phillanthropy, Social Issues. 


MSD envision a world of justice and equality, where all individuals and their families can achieve their human potentials though good education, financial stability and healthy lives.  


MSD is taking efforts to improve sustainable lives for the vulnerable groups by mobilizing caring power and united partnership to build an ecosystem for sustainable development.

Focus / SDG Areas

  • No Poverty
  • Good Health and Well-being
  • Quality Education
  • Gender Equality
  • Clean Water and Sanitation
  • Decent Work and Economy Growth
  • Reduced Inequalities
  • Climate Action
  • Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions
  • Partnerships for the Goals

Impact Stories

Story 1: There are no limits or prejudices that can prevent girls and women from pursuing STEM

  • Youth Development 
  • Goal 4
  • 2021: Education

Vu Diep Linh, currently a senior-year student of the Academy of Finance and an Ambassador of STEMherVN, was also the team leader and co-founder of the JUST SIGN application. When hearing about the "I Love STEM" contest launched by MSD in the framework of the STEMherVN project, Diep Linh and the team submitted the JUST SIGN initiative. After a long time of researching, Linh and the team realized that the Deaf are facing several problems in accessing education, health care services, pursuing careers, and public services due to communication difficulties. The Deaf use sign language to communicate with each other, while most of their family members and friends cannot. Therefore, the team came up with the idea of JUST SIGN - technological solution that supports the Deaf and people with hearing-impaired in communicating with hearing people. The key feature of this tech is the function of immediate translation from sign language to written/oral language and vice versa. The team has actively researched and developed the product. Although there is a testing app version with some common words, the accuracy is still not up to standard.
JUST SIGN also won first prize in the "I Love STEM" contest.
"When participating in the "I Love STEM" contest, I know about many other projects that are highly applicable, among which many have the participation of female students. This led me to see that, there were no limits or prejudices that could impede women's access to technology in particular and the STEM sector in general. After taking the coding course from the STEMherVN, I felt extremely excited and created a website for my project. As you can see, STEM is not hard, it's not only for men. Therefore, no matter what your gender is, if you are interested in STEM, do not hesitate to pursue your passion with confidence"- said Linh.

Story 2: Social Innovation to create employment and income for disadvantaged groups

  • Social Innovation 
  • Goal 8
  • 2021: Income Mobility

As one of Southeast Asia’s leading countries, Vietnam has boosted innovation and startup ecosystem by engaging with young people and communities.  The Shinhan S2 Bridge-Vietnam is a cross-border and cross-sector collective impact initiative, designing and building an inclusive community that gives opportunities for all.By leveraging innovative tech solutions offered by proven startups, it will help citizens connect to available resources and new opportunities for future success. In 2021, the project served children needing care and support in rural area, youths preparing for jobs, and people with visual impairment.
Various sector leaders came together to design and execute the model.  Dedicated partners for this new venture include Management and Sustainable Development Institute (MSD), Research for Education and Career Help Institute (REACH), Disability Research & Capacity Development (DRD), Sao Mai Center,  Nguyen Dinh Chieu School and other public schools, Hanoi University of Fine Art, Ton Duc Thang University, Hanoi Architect University, HCM Architect University, Aimmo, Platfarm, Overflow, LBS Tech, Tripath.  
Below is a sharing by a disabled trainee who joined a AI data labelling training course:

“I have never been trained in data labeling before, hence, after joining the project, I have more opportunities to get a job. I couldn’t find a job due to my poor health. I had no income and my family is poor. By chance, I saw a post about a training project on Facebook. I have searched and found that this job was suitable for my abilities and my orientation. After participating in the project, I have had more jobs and income. I have had more skills and work experience as well as my future goals have been more obvious simultaneously. I know what I need and should do so as not to disappoint people who support me. Furthermore, I always say that I have to try harder. 
During the time participating in the project, there were many times when I suffered from health issues due to a blood-clotting disease. I often have to go to the National Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion for periodic injections. Once, when I was attending class, I recurred in shoulder pain and had to go to the emergency department for more than a fortnight. At that time, Hanoi was applying Directive 16 which restrictsed everyone’s movement and I had a lot of difficulties because I live in the countryside, not able to earn money or find a job due to the impact of the pandemic. Luckily, the REACH center helped me with my medical expenses and supported me during the lockdown.
In this project, my class was a very special one. Although each of us has difficulties and different backgrounds such as difficult family circumstances, people with disabilities, people with serious illnesses like me, we were all united and helped each other. I feel we are a family that everyone thinks for each other and for collective advantages. I feel it’s true that God doesn’t take everything away from anyone. In return, I had a lot of love from the teachers at the center and from the AIMMO teachers who were very enthusiastic to support me.”

Story 3: Birth Certificate opened a new page of the life of a 6-year-old girl

  • Children protection
  • Goal 16
  • 2021: Children rights

As soon as N.H.T.V was born, did she get abandoned by her mother, she grew up with his father and grandmother. Her father worked as a vehicle repairer with the old tool box, which was the family’s only asset. T.V’s father had tried to get birth certificate for her for several times, but the lack of necessary documents delayed the process.
Without birth certificate, T.V could not be granted to have health insurance. Living with a precarious income had made her family more miserable when the child suddenly got injured. In October 2019, T.V was playing in front of her house when a motorbike hit her and ran away. The hit left her with serious injuries to the bones of her left arm and shoulder blade. Without health insurance, T.V's father and grandmother had to borrow money to pay for hospital fees.
Previously, T.V's father had applied for the birth certificate registration support at the Legal Aid Center in Ho Chi Minh City and The New Life Page Project. At the most difficult time, T.V's father called to ask for the support of Lawyer H.T - a member of A New Life page group. Lawyers and project officers quickly carried out the procedures including: re-issuance of birth certificates, paternity testing for T.V and father, birth registration. 
Immediately after having the birth certificate, T.V was supported to get health insurance, and thus the medical expenses were reduced. T.V was also very happy to cry "Having a birth certificate, next year T.V can go to school."

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