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Dividendo Voluntario Para la Comunidad, A.C. was founded in 1964 by Eugenio Mendoza and a group of Venezuelan businessmen with a mission to mobilize the collective effort of the private sector towards the development of actions to improve the quality of life of poor communities through specific projects in partnership with communities, social development organizations, authorities and companies.


Dividendo works to improve nutrition, education and health through the creation of physical and environmental conditions that allow providing development opportunities to children and young people with limited resources. It also benefits vulnerable people for their helplessness by supporting projects dedicated to community benefit, being a leader for its excellence in amalgamating wills and contributions: companies, entrepreneurs, executives, workers and individuals, with the strenght of organized society to achieve the common good.


To be the leading organization for its excellence in promoting and developing initiatives of companies, workers, citizens and communities, for the common good.

Celebración de los 50 años del Dividendo Voluntario para la Comunidad
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