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United Way of Taiwan was founded in 1992 by a group of people who cared about the development of social work professions, and got involved in policy advocacy.

The mission is to look for more effective and collaborative initiatives to address the urgent social problems in local communities and to mobilize people who share their good will to join philanthropic actions, focusing on building blocks for quality life, improving life of the disadvantaged, and promotes social equity.

We solicit resources from the public, focus on social issues, explore what the disadvantaged individuals need, and find the best solution to improve their lives. United Way of Taiwan inspired local citizens to engage in communities to provide human services for disabled, children and youth, the elderly, women, disease patients, homeless and so on.

Over the past 30 years, United Way has supported more than 3,000 social welfare organizations and invested more than NT$6.6 billion (US$227 million) to promote approximately 5,500 diverse projects. About 1.2 million disadvantaged individuals and more than 1 million disadvantaged families were benefitted every year and our service area covers more than 90% of the townships in Taiwan for the last decade. In 2022, United Way of Taiwan collaborate with 387 local nonprofits or grassroots organizations to implement 484 projects.

Love Link project connects individuals, families, groups and communities to care for children or youth through after school program. From the empowerment perspective, United Way’s partners visit families every month and let children gradually change their mindset, behaviors and then transform themselves and their parents as well.

In the 3 year-long project, United Way of Taiwan encourages and communicates with partners to serve for least 20 families' basic needs each year. From welfare provision to active capacity building, children are our hope, and they bring a new possibilities to their community eco-system.

In 2008, in order to avoid over-concentration of goods donations to some particular charities, UWT established a long-term goods donation platform – Benevolence Waystation. The goal of this platform is to balance supply from corporations and demands of social welfare agencies with a stable and effective model.