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Community Chest of Korea

Community Chest of Korea is a national network of 16 local chapters that work to create lasting positive change in communities and people’s lives. Since its establishment in 1998, Community Chest of Korea has grown to become Korea’s largest community impact charity. Community Chest of Korea seeks to engage the participation of individuals, businesses and local organizations to cultivate a culture of sharing in the community.

Lessons learned from SK Incheon Petro Chem to develop an Asian version of workplace campaign model!

  • United Way Asia Pacific Learning Center, based in Seoul, Korea, is a hub for knowledge transfer and best practices exchange within the region.
  • The Learning Center is a joint venture led by Community Chest of Korea and United Way Worldwide. 
  • One of the main topics that the Center featured this year was workplace campaign. 
  • Bill Kitson, Director of U.S. Western Region, visited Korea and engaged with Community Chest of Korea staff leaders and the corporate donor. 

The SK Incheon Petro Chem- selected as one of the most innovative companies having well-established CSR structure in Korea, shared great insights on how Community Chest or United Way models can best work with Asian companies to increase employee engagement.   The company helped the trainer and CCK team better understand the company's expectation for nonproft partners' expertise on social issues, leadership to drive collective impact, and top-to-bottom engagement within the company.

Over 100 participants joined the series of workshops, and successfully found implications for their community's work.



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