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Fondo Unido de Panamá - United Way Panamá - is a private non-profit organization established in May 2010 with the purpose of promoting the development of people and communities most in need of Panama. United Way Panamá has created an efficient way of input and interaction between different sectors of Panamanian society, capturing and channeling the contributions of companies and private sector employees to high-impact social projects in the country’s neediest communities.

No one can build a community on their own. United Way Panama is recognized for its strong connections with the public and private sectors, as well as with community organizations. By leveraging these relationships, we mobilize knowledge, resources, and energy to make a real difference.


We combine experience with research and the knowledge of a community to develop innovative solutions to social problems.

We focus on creating social change by understanding the underlying conditions of the problems we work on.


United Way Panama imagines a world where all individuals and families reach their human potential through education, income stability and a healthy life.


United Way Panama Mission improves the lives of all Panamanians by mobilizing volunteers and resources within the country's communities to promote the common good.

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