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United Way Hungary was founded in 1998 to create a lasting, positive change in local Hungarian communities. Its aim is to help families achieve their human potential through adequate education, financial stability and healthy lives. United Way Hungary brings together organizations, families and resources required to create such opportunities of better lives for all.


We have dreamed of a world in which access to quality education, financial stability and healthy living conditions are all provided so that individuals and families can achieve their life goals and children and young people can unleash their talents.

In order to make this vision accessible to any member of Hungarian society, our organization seeks out the most pressing educational, financial and health problems in society and seeks to bring about deep and lasting positive change through broad social cohesion - mobilizing financial, human and other necessary resources. start to resolve any outstanding issues.


The main goal of United Way Hungary is focusing on the three main areas. These areas include education, ensuring financial stability, health. Within this, they place the greatest emphasis on education, on supporting the next generation.


Its major education program is the Biztibusz Child Safety Program, initiated in 2010. The leading cause of child death in Hungary is preventable accidents among children. Therefore, this program was set up in collaboration with the National Institute of Child Health in order to reduce the number of such accidents.

Innovative teaching methods are run in primary schools, led by volunteers teachers trained by United Way. By the end of 2013, the program was running in 129 elementary schools nationwide, with a special focus in the regions where children are most vulnerable.

More than 30 000 children benefit from this safety educational plan, ran in an innovative and playful way. 


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