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We are a not-for-profit organization that brings together all key stakeholders – NGOs, businesses, service providers and government – to take an entire-system approach to disadvantaged communities through collaboration, innovation, and evidence. As a global organization with a local impact we have access to worldwide best practices, knowledge and ideas, can deliver integrated cross-border community programs, focus on local community credentials and partnerships, and are results-driven to cohesively measure the outcomes of the programs we create.  



We have dreamed of a world in which access to quality education, financial stability and healthy living conditions are all provided so that individuals and families can achieve their life goals and children and young people can unleash their talents. 

In order to make this vision accessible to any member of Hungarian society, our organization seeks out the most pressing educational, financial and health problems in society and seeks to bring about deep and lasting positive change through broad social cohesion - mobilizing financial, human and other necessary resources.



United Way Hungary is focusing on three main areas: education, ensuring financial stability, and health. Within the last couple of years, the greatest emphasis is on education, supporting the next generation.


Ensure physical health of disadvantaged children during Covid-19 response and recovery period by providing sanitary products, health masks and toiletries.

Ensure equal chances to succeed in digital education and in school re-start by providing back to school packages to 1000 underprivileged families.

Reduce the risk of increasing dropout rate by providing computers to teachers and students in need and supporting special summer camps helping in upgrading students with severe fallback.

Help teachers better adjust to the post-Covid situation and strengthen them in their community leadership roles by organizing an online webinar series.

Strengthening civil society to ensure sustainable services for children and youth in need by collaborating and organizing workshops.

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