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About United Way Ghana

Founded in 2003, United Way Ghana is devoted to making real social impact within local communities in three focus areas: education, health and income generation - the key building blocks for a good quality life in a thriving community. We envision a society where all people are empowered to lead informed, healthy and productive lives.

Developing cross-sector collaborations with local communities, business organizations, philanthropists, government and volunteers help us to deliver lasting impact and social change in disadvantaged Ghanaian communities. We believe that through our collaborative work and commitment, we can ensure every individual is able to live a life of dignity.

Improving Basic Education (IBE)

Social change is highly dependent on an educated population. Over the last decade, our major interventions have been in education because of the enormous impact it holds on future life outcomes.

Our overarching Improving Basic Education (IBE) programme has seen the successful implementation of several initiatives to improve the quality of teaching, learning and creating a more enabling environment for young students in deprived communities to thrive. Our ongoing initiatives in education include the Nyansapo Scholarship Scheme, literacy development outreach programmes, among others.

We are committed to leading the charge to ignite social change, build resilient communities and improve the lives of people who live there.

United Way Ghana's 2017 International Literacy Day