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PHINEO is a think tank and non-profit consultancy to effective civic engagement. Our goal is to strengthen civil society by helping those doing good to achieve greater social impact. PHINEO conducts social impact analyses, awards a seal of approval for nonprofits and their projects and publishes information on societal issues. We offer workshops and individualized consulting for nonprofits, social investors like foundations, companies, philanthropists and family offices as well as public sector institutions.


United Way Germany has a six-part approach in the engagement programs they offer. These parts include corporate giving, corporate volunteering, corporate citizenship strategy, organizational development, impact orientation, and partnerships. By capitalizing on partnership and engaging with the community on their specific areas of need, the region has formed a broad, concrete range of expertise on succeeding on this approach.


Since our foundation in 2009, PHINEO built a reputation in Germany as an expert and thought leader on civic engagement with impact. We have published 17 sector reports that examine various challenges and best practices in civic engagement efforts. With more than 20,000 copies printed, our guide to impact orientation, the “Social Impact Navigator” has become an international standard. It is available free-of-charge and has been translated into several languages.


At the heart of our work, however, is the task of bringing together actors and stakeholders from various fields. We match sponsors with effective community projects and foster cross-sectoral cooperation, always focusing on meaningful partnerships and help taking them to the next level.

Joining forces with 1,800 not-for-profit organizations in the United Way network, PHINEO is working to find solutions to the key challenges facing society. We are united by the shared mission of ensuring impact-oriented civic engagement and building bridges between not-for-profit projects, companies, foundations, policymakers and the public.