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We work with companies, governments, nonprofits and other organizations to address complex challenges on a worldwide scale. Our partners contribute more than money. Their ideas, volunteer-power, in-kind support and more are helping to achieve our mission. The projects are very diverse: from mentoring programs at schools to multi-generation projects and collective impact initiatives, people in need are supported and enabled to lead a healthy and independent life. 

United Way Germany (PHINEO) is a leading think tank, non-profit consultancy and implementation partner for effective civic engagement in Germany and beyond. Our aim is to strengthen civil society by helping those doing good to achieve greater social impact and to strengthen cross-sector partnerships.  


At the heart of our work is the task of bringing together actors and stakeholders from various fields and sectors. We match sponsors with effective community projects and foster cross-sectoral cooperation, always focusing on impact-orientation and meaningful partnerships, which we help take to the next level.  

Specifically, alongside our roles as think tank, capacity-builder, funder and agenda setter for the non-profit sector, we support philanthropists and social investors like companies and foundations through a range of approaches. These include corporate giving, corporate volunteering, strategy and portfolio development, organizational development, impact investing, impact orientation, and partnerships. 

With our portfolio of over 3000 analyzed non-profits, more than 50 publications including 19 sector reports that deeply examine social challenges and best practices, and more than 160 consulting projects, PHINEO is extremely well positioned to support companies holistically in their corporate citizenship.    

Comment from Chancellor Angela Merkel: PHINEO examines the impact of civic engagement. Particularly convincing projects are awarded the PHINEO impact label.” 


We envision 

  • a world, in which all individuals can lead a safe and prosperous life 
  • a strong civil society in which doing good and achieving impact are co-factors 
  • a social engagement landscape, in which social investors work together across sectors 


PHINEO and United Way share the mission of fostering strong communities and impactful civic engagement. In particular United Way Germany

  • helps companies and their employees develop and implement high-impact civic engagement activities  
  • develops impact-oriented cross-sector partnerships to solve complex societal problems including collective impact initiatives 
  • strengthens civil society organizations in the delivery of quality programs

Focus / SDG Areas

PHINEO works with social investors and non-profits across all three United Way impact areas of education, income and health. We are always interested in hearing new and existing partners’ ideas for project collaborations. You can find a small selection of our impact stories below. In line with our mission, our current strategic focus areas are 1) the development of strong partnerships that can include powerful employee volunteering, and 2) capacity-building and knowledge creation in the field of impact-orientation, collective impact and corporate citizenship.