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United Way – L’Alliance's mission is to co-build programs, where private, public and solidarity actors are committed to collectively address the priority issues of the territories in France.

Thus, 100 companies, 800 employees and 27 partner associations from 8 territories have already joined UWA's programs, such as "Défi Jeunesse", "Airbus Flying Challenge" and food aid. By 2022, United Way – L’ Alliance wants to become THE platform offering solutions for young people from lower-income neighborhoods in France,  and lead 17,000 young people every year towards academic success and / or the world of work.

Its flagship program "Youth Challenge" aims to create the conditions for a chosen professional future for young people from priority territories. This program accompanies students throughout their Secondary-school/high-schoolyears. A collective and individualized support allows them to develop know-how behaviours on the one hand, through fun-educational activities, and be-how behaviours ( social skills) on the other hand, through well-being activities.

These workshops are adapted to each level :  identify your  skills and competencies , discover jobs,  and learn to know yourself  in 6th grade,  develop self-confidence and become familiar with the professional world  in 7th , learn to build your professional project in 8th, develop a first level of autonomy in choosing your  orientation and interact in confidence with the collaborators during the observation workshop as a 8th grader