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Established in 1997, the Business Alliance for Development (AED) is a non-profit organization that seeks sustainability and competitiveness in Costa Rica. AED guides the productive sector through the promotion of responsible and sustainable business models in companies, minimizing the negative impacts and maximizing positive impacts on society, the environment and the economy.

AED has consolidated itself as the leading organization in Costa Rica on issues of social responsibility and sustainability, promoting disruptive ways of doing business for companies that wish to positively impact the stakeholders with whom they relate.

AED promotes spaces for value creation, articulating the interests and needs of multiple actors, such as the government, private and public sectors, academia and civil society to contribute to common challenges.  

As the local chapter of international networks such as the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), the UN Global Compact, IntegraRSE, ARISE, United Way and the Global Report Initiative; AED encourages the inclusion of best practices on sustainable development.


AED's main mode of operation is alliances. AED has partnered with different public institutions and non-governmental organizations to promote projects that allow sustainable development.


Businesses should know that to achieve this they need the stakeholders they interact with to survive and grow over time and to do so with their help.

Sustainability is only achievable if organizations recognize and take responsibility for their impacts, carry out responsible business practices with all their stakeholders - internal public, environment, community, suppliers, customers, government - establish win-win relationships and they are committed to and are part of the sustainable development of the society where they are located.

Sustainability is only possible if companies work under principles of social responsibility. In this way, sustainability is a business model that seeks to guarantee the existence of the organization in the long term through responsible actions that generate value in the three dimensions of Sustainable Development: social, environmental and economic.

And Social Responsibility is that attitude and that way of behavior of an organization to assume and manage the impacts that its operation generates in society and in the environment, through not only legal compliance and international regulations, but also constant dialogue with stakeholders, always striving to add value and contribute to sustainable development.


Contribute to a prosperous, inclusive, dignified society in harmony with the environment, through a conscious, articulated and committed business sector.

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