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United Way Colombia is a non-profit organization founded in 1998 by a group of Colombian businesspeople, with the purpose of formalizing their commitment with social development. The foundation raises contributions from different sources like public entities, individuals, international cooperation, companies, and employees to sustain its programs. In the case of companies and employees, the amount of the contribution is defined by each person, and it is monthly deducted from their payroll.

In 2020 we transformed the life of 15,300 teachers and 275,000 boys and girls in 30 territories of the country, with the support of 180 companies, 17,800 individuals and 800 volunteers.


By 2025, United Way Colombia will be recognized as a social impact investor that mobilizes and boots innovative and sustainable educational initiatives, so that children can successfully achieve their maximum potential 


United Way Colombia works as a platform with an international scope that connects people, companies, and organizations so that children and young students stay in school along their educational pathways. The foundation collectively works with others to develop and promote innovative educational solutions that seek to improve the quality of their learning, and thus, reducing inequality in Colombia.

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