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China Charity Federation (CCF) is a nationwide non-governmental charity organization.  It was established in April 1994, with approval from the Chinese government, and was legally registered as an independent entity. The goals of CCF are to uphold the spirit of humanitarianism and the Chinese tradition of helping people in poverty or with special needs to be able to help themselves. There are over 366 affiliates of CCF throughout China. The present president is Mr. Li Bengong.


Since the founding of CCF, it has maintained its goals of broadening charitable work in various fields, mobilizing social resources and increasing public awareness of the great difficulties faced by many members of our society. It has given wholehearted loyalty to China’s charitable concerns. CCF’s many humanitarian acts have drawn extensive social attention and have won the trust and support of the society.


CCF leverages the broadness of its business scope, and carry out dozens of projects on disaster relief, poverty alleviation, elderly care, care of orphans, education assistance, disability assistance, and medical relief, which established a charity network nationwide with wide range of assistance. Til now, CCF has raised more than RMB 60 billion in cash and in kind, which helped tens of millions of people in need.

China has a long history of performing charitable acts. It is well known for its tradition of helping those in trouble and for the respect and care given to old and young alike. We cherish these characteristics as our best virtue and regard our culture as one of true charity, which will last for many generations. CCF gives this culture a new vision by its commitment to charitable causes. We are devoted to making meaningful charity work in China grow and develop in the new century so that the China charity tree will stay green forever.

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