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UW Chile was created in 2004 out of the concern of a series of companies that aim to generate change in the communities where they are located. It is from there that UW Chile is constituted as a business platform for social investment, generating spaces for articulation between the public, private and third sector sectors, in order to achieve common objectives and impact agendas.


United Way Chile channels the resources of the private sector, companies and employees, which allows improving the quality of life of people in vulnerable situations, through the solidarity and effective interaction of different sectors of society.


United Way Chile is the first partnership of companies in Chile, created to raise and manage funds focused on the realization of social responsibility programs with an emphasis on working with preschool children, their families and the community. United Way Chile channels the passion, resources and expertise of private sector companies and their employees, thereby improving the quality of life of the nation's most vulnerable people.


Mobilize human, financial and material resources, articulating partners, business community, volunteers and public entities, to promote the integral development of families and communities that are in situations of vulnerability and poverty.

Video United Way Chile 2014