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Fundación Caminando Juntos (United Way Argentina), an NGO based in Argentina since 2008, works to improve the quality of life for children and youth from the most vulnerable sectors of the country through the collection and implementation of financial and human resources. Under the firm conviction that all citizens can be agents for social change to achieve a fairer and more equitable society, Fundación Caminando Juntos is an intermediary between the social and private sector. Through the initiatives developed by the organization, partner companies and their employees (more than 36,000 individuals), give, advocate and volunteer to support children´s health and education as well as the inclusion of youth in work opportunities.


To be a leadership organization that generates sustainable changes through the mutual effort of multiple social actors dedicated to the most disadvantaged communities.


To promote community action to improve the quality of life through volunteer work and social investments, focusing on two major areas: Early Childhood and Labor Inclusion.


Fundación Caminando Juntos focuses specifically on early childhood and labor inclusion.

Early Childhood

Fundación Caminando Juntos works on programs oriented to early childhood, including primary health, nutrition and development for children birth to age five.

Growing Healthy

The Growing Healthy program improves children’s nutrition and growth through assistance, prevention and health education actions. The initiative includes:

  • Childhood: Live and Grow Healthy
  • Child Malnutrition Prevention Centers
  • Educating Communities Project
  • Born Learning
Work Inclusion

Fundación Caminando Juntos works on programs oriented to work inclusion, offering tools to improve opportunities in the labor market, including:

Starting to Work

This program offers young people from vulnerable sectors of society training and professional tools to improve opportunities for their first job. The initiative includes:

  • Youth with Equal Opportunities
  • Labor Re-Inclusion
  • Solidarity Microcredits for Productive Projects
  • Social and Labor Inclusion for Young People Living in Public Housing or Institutes
From Within

From Within is a program which analyzes, selects and finances social projects proposed by employees from partner companies of Fundación Caminando Juntos.

Investing Pays Off

This project is geared toward young people´s abilities and competences so that they can reach their highest potential. It is a training course divided into 12 workshops with the objective of training youth in leadership abilities, creation of personal projects and labor capacities. Participants of Investing Pays Off are students in their last years at high school, trade schools, and micro-entrepreneurs. These trainings are specially offered by volunteers from partner companies of Fundación Caminando Juntos.

Corporate Volunteering

Fundación Caminando Juntos offers alternatives for corporate volunteering actions so that partner companies can offer their employees opportunities to participate in volunteer events. These activities take place: schools, hospitals and community centers where volunteers can direct their efforts to the community through collaborative actions. These activities cover a wide range of actions including infrastructure repairs as well as educational or recreational activities, providing enriching experiences both for volunteers and recipients of volunteer services. Corporate volunteering improves the satisfaction, motivation, skills development and sense of community for employees.

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