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United Way Romania Learn to Succeed Program


Raiffeisen Bank and United Way Romania have teamed up in the Learn to Succeed program, a program intended to help vulnerable children maintain a focused education and decrease the amount of school dropouts during the trying times of the COVID pandemic.  Over the past year, student dropout rates have increased exponentially, however, with the help of employee donations selflessly made from their own wages, all of which have been doubled by Raiffeisen Bank, more children are now able to continue their education.

The COVID pandemic has hit the world by storm, and stunted educational growth across the globe.  During these difficult times, school children and their families have been put into isolation leaving them unable to attend in-person schooling.  Socio-economically disadvantaged families, single parents, and children who come from large families with several in-school siblings have found it especially difficult.  With the strategic partnership between Raiffeisen Bank and United Way Romania, 1080 vulnerable children can now continue their education at home through online schooling, and have been given the necessary resources to adapt to COVID regulations in their area.

The Learn to Succeed program ensures access to quality education and necessary resources, during the continued effort to provide top-level education from home.  The program helps vulnerable children and families have the opportunity to receive 2020 food packages and/or social vouchers, COVID friendly educational materials, medical and disinfection supplies, and protective masks.  With the continued help from educators, social workers, teachers, and volunteers, the program has not only provided essential materials, but has continual mental health check-ins with students, parents, and teachers alike.  Through the creation and backing of the Learn to Succeed program, parents, teachers, community leaders, and volunteers are being aided in their constant work to prevent and decrease student dropouts nationwide.  Thanks to the partnership of Raiffeisen Bank and United Way Romania, 1080 vulnerable students are now being educated, 240 parents have received essential support, and 55 teachers have come together in the hope of decreasing student dropouts.


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