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The Power of Music: Coping with loneliness 2gether

Investing in the Community (United Way Israel) leads social and cultural change in Israeli society along with 2gether, a social startup dedicated to improving the lives of the elderly. In anticipation of Holocaust Day, United Way Israel and 2gether donated hundreds of special music sets to Holocaust survivors to help them remotely connect with family members and volunteers through the power of music and healing. 

"These days, when the elders are so isolated and distant from their families, the yearning for society and communication is particularly strong. The feeling of loneliness is especially intensified among Holocaust survivors in anticipation of an emotionally flooded Holocaust Day. Music and social interaction can help them feel supported and connected. "

Einat Rubenstein, Vice President of Matan - Investors in the community

How does it work? 

2gether uses emotional artificial intelligence and facial recognition to analyze emotional well being. Supported by a board of music therapists, 2gether also makes music recommendations to participants based on the facial recognition analysis. 2gether also provides an easy to use video chat function that allows participants to connect with family members and volunteers anywhere in the country. The 2gether app improves sleep, reduces stress, and increases overall feelings of joy and calmness among participants. 

In anticipation for Holocaust Day, United Way Israel joined forces with 2gether to connect 90 volunteers from 7 companies to elderly people all over Israel for a headphones party that built bonds and shared experiences key to coping with feelings of loneliness and isolation. 

"The joint activity allows for shared listening as the music connects listeners to memories, emotions and significant moments of the elderly person's life. Through this unique connection, processes of contact and loneliness occur which inevitably lead to improvements in quality of life." Roy Tal, CEO of 2gether.

Since 2gether offers multilingual options, the project with Matan can expand its reach to many communities all over Israel and even abroad, providing a bridge between diverse communities around the world. 

The partnership with 2gether is just one example of the many ways United Way Israel partners with corporations, social enterprises, foundations, and volunteers to invest in the community and improve the lives of all Israelis. 


Matan (United Way Israel) is a social organization that works to create an active and involved civic society, by building and developing partnerships for effective investment in the community between investors – businesses, donors and philanthropic foundations and social organizations, associations and public benefit companies.

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