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Stacy’s Pita Chips and United Way Grant $80,000 in Microgrants to Female Entrepreneurs

The spirit of innovation, invention and thinking differently runs deep in the United Way culture. Courage to dream big, take big swings and to tackle old problems with new approaches are traits that are encouraged through United Way’s tireless, 132 year+ tradition of making the world a better place one person, one idea and one business partner at a time. Stacy's® Pita Chips is one such business partner.

As part of our partnership with Stacy's® and its Rise Project, Stacy's® and United Way are proud to announce the 2019 microgrant recipients, all of whom distinguished themselves from other applicants for their commitment to traits critical to all game changers and entrepreneurs: inspiration, courage, grit, nourishment, success and community.

The 2019 grant recipients are:

  • Cabrona Coffee: Cabrona Coffee in West Denver, Colorado will prepare traditional and Mexican-inspired signature coffee beverages and serve those beverages in a space that invites customers to socialize and relax, while catering to the quick-service nature of a retail coffee establishment. 
  • Eclectic CO.: A cooperative space in Colorado Springs, Colorado exists to reduce barriers to market for quality sustainable and handmade goods. Eclectic CO. is a cooperative space that provides support, education, and camaraderie to makers, as well as buttress the communities that we exist in.
  • Food Shift: Food Shift reduces food waste and improves community health in California's Bay Area by recovering and redistributing surplus food and by running a social enterprise catering kitchen that provides training and jobs to individuals with barriers to employment.
  • Glam Kam Style: Glam Kam Style operates out of Atlanta, Georgia and creates transformative looks for clients that exude confidence for everyone from CEOs to soccer moms. Glam Kam Style encourages every client to embrace their uniqueness and inspires them to be glamourous at any age, size or style.
  • Jax Portable Produce: Based in Jacksonville, Florida, Jax Portable Produce is a mobile grocery store that is committed to helping fill the current gap between conventional grocery stores and people living in food deserts by bringing fresh, healthy produce where it is needed most with a retrofitted school bus that has become a grocery store on wheels.
  • Midwest Conservation Dogs: Midwest Conservation Dogs is based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and helps advance conservation efforts by providing professional canine scent detection services and education programs for researchers, public/private corporations, schools/universities, and public health agencies.
  • Premier Health and Wellness Consulting: Based in Chesapeake, Virginia, Premier Health and Wellness Consulting provides Corporate Coaching to improve productivity through nutrition and aeroponic gardening education, giving access to healthy and fresh foods..  
  • Rosa Es Roja: Rosa Es Roja is based in Dallas, Texas, makes wellness and cancer prevention accessible to Hispanic women in America, starting in North Texas, by training them on nutrition, physical activity, emotional health and positive thinking through a 6-month community wellness program, “The Rojo Way”.

United Way is proud to support the success of people in every community and commends Stacy's® for empowering female entrepreneurs to  advance their careers and fuel the growth of women-owned businesses.

Inspired by what you read? Change starts with you. Take action today to make a difference in your community.