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One Day Can Make Difference

Since 1992, Make A Difference day has inspired hundreds of thousands of volunteers to give back to their communities. That's huge. But it's the small things -- the human connections and the stronger communities that result -- that remind us that large-scale volunteer projects really do make a difference. 

For example, United Way of Portage County’s Make A Difference Day “Rake-a-thon” has brought volunteers together to rake (and build community) in central Wisconsin for 19 years. In 2017, one of the 800 volunteers wrote, “Dorothy was thrilled about her yard. I think that as well as ‘making a difference’ this week, Karen and I also made a friend. Dorothy even requested that we come back next year, and gave us her cell phone number so that we can call her. Karen and I plan to visit her in a couple weeks closer to Thanksgiving and keep the friendship going. Thank you for this volunteer opportunity! It really felt like we were part of something special.”

Special projects like the Rake-a-Thon are happening all over the United States. United Way of Larimer County is mobilizing close to 1,800 volunteers through 60 Make A Difference Day projects in Fort Collins, CO. In Florida, United Way of Palm Beach County will lead about 30 volunteers to paint interior offices and help with a mulching project at Palm Beach Habilitation Center.

All over America, volunteers are getting as much as they're giving. Whether you tutor kids once a week, serve at a food pantry once a month or volunteer on Make A Difference day, thank you for doing what it takes to change the world, one day a time.

Inspired by what you read? Change starts with you. Take action today to make a difference in your community.