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Let’s Hit This One Right on the Red Nose

Red Nose Day is finally here! Today is the day to take to social media and do something funny to help raise some money. You don’t need a red nose to be a part of Red Nose Day and help change the lives of children living in poverty. All you need is the willingness to get involved.

Earlier today, United Way Worldwide got together to show our excitement for Red Nose Day. The result? Well, take a look. You may have also noticed a few red noses around the site.

United Ways around the country have been sharing the Red Nose Day love and it all comes together tonight - with you. Tune in to NBC at 8:00 pm ET / 7:00 pm CT for the 3-hour star-studded event. With guests ranging from Jack Black to Reese Witherspoon and music artists like Ciara and Coldplay, Red Nose Day USA is one event you’re not only not gonna want to miss, but it’s one you definitely want to be a part of!

How to join the fun-draising:

  1. Buy and wear a Red Nose
    They’re available at Walgreens and Duane Reade nationwide and only cost $1. No worries if you never picked one up though, you can still “red nose” yourself with the Red Nose Day app.
  2. Tell your friends
    Have some fun on social media and let people know why it’s important to get involved. You can use #RedNose and @unitedway in your posts.
  3. Watch the Live Show tonight
    You can support this movement just by watching NBC from 8-11pm ET on May 21. It’s one night of entertainment

As we have fun, it’s important to remember the impact our work has on the lives of individuals and communities. Recently, Matt Lauer, on his Red Nose Day ride from Boston to New York City, visited Dylan Pike and his family who have lived in three shelters over the past year and a half. Click here to learn more about Dylan’s story and how United Way and our partner organizations are offering support.

Getting involved and giving when you can are what allow us to continue to do the needed work that provides these support opportunities. PayPal recently announce that they will add 1% to your donation when you donate via their service. That means that 101% of your donation goes to The Red Nose Day Fund. Click here to donate and learn more.

Red Nose Day is a great cause that United Way is excited to be a part of, and we hope that you can join us as we help improve the lives of children living in poverty, by doing something funny for money. And remember, great things happen when we LIVE UNITED. …and a red nose never hurt!