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Women Making The World A Better Place

Happy International Women’s Day! On March 8, we recognize women’s rights and equality around the world. It’s also a day when we celebrate the achievements of women and girls.

This year’s International Women’s Day theme is #EachforEqual. I’m making the equality sign with my arms right now. I hope that the hashtag – and the idea – of #EachforEqual has staying power beyond International Women’s Day. It’s so necessary for each of us to support all of us to build gender equity. It’s about the collective power of women.

As the chair of Women United Global Leadership Council, I have the privilege of seeing the meaningful change that 70,000+ diverse women – mostly professional women – are driving. Whether they’re funding solutions to pressing community problems, volunteering as mentors to young women, or advocating for critical policy changes, Women United are improving their communities and empowering women.

Embodying #EachforEqual is the work of United Way of Greater Atlanta to end sex trafficking, a practice that is the modern-day equivalent of slavery. Realizing that young women were being trafficked through Georgia, Women United of Greater Atlanta mobilized to change policy, in partnership with other organizations throughout the state.

Women United fought to get an initiative on the statewide ballot, and took on the challenge of educating Georgia citizens to understand human trafficking. 

Human trafficking is a global phenomenon and victims of modern slavery are exploited in every region of the world. They are compelled into service for labor or commercial sex through force, fraud or coercion. Despite its global reach, human trafficking takes place locally— in a favorite nail salon or local restaurant; in a neighborhood home or nearby hotel; on a city street or rural farm.

According to this groundbreaking report, human trafficking and modern slavery is more prevalent in developed countries, like the United States, than previously thought.  In fact, estimates show that 400,00 people are living in modern slavery in the United States right now; that’s the largest estimated number to date. Learn more about United Way’s work to stop human trafficking here.

United Way of Greater Atlanta continues the fight for freedom by providing training that not only shows community members how to identify when a woman is being trafficked, but also information about how to help the woman without endangering her life. Learn more here.

Hundreds of women will be gathering in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida in a few weeks for the Women United Summit 2020. We'll be connecting, and sharing ideas for how to make the world a better place. If you want to get involved in women’s advocacy, please join us!

#EachforEqual #WomenUnited #SharedPurpose

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