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New Orleans families moved into permanent homes, but 572 families remain in FEMA trailers

No Place Like HomeWe are happy to report that nearly 400 families have been able to move out of temporary FEMA trailers and into permanent homes since we launched the "No Place Like Home" campaign back in April. Thanks to the generous donations and volunteer work of people like you, New Orleans families are returning to the communities they love.

However, there are 572 families still living in temporary trailers next to the rubble they once called a home. No one should have to wait for five years to get their life back and regain financial stability. We won't quit until all families affected by hurricane Katrina are back in their permanent homes.

The outpouring of support for this caused has been tremendous and we are grateful. More than 10,000 people have added their voices and are standing with the displaced families, letting them know that they have not been forgotten. We hope to double the support in the two weeks leading up to the 5th anniversary of Katrina. We would like to see 20,000 people add their names by August 29, 2010, and send a message that enough is enough -- one of American's favorite communities must be rebuilt.

Please help us get to 20,000 supporters by adding your name here and help spread the word
. Together, we can help rebuild this community, one family at a time.