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Press Release

Post-Election Day Statement from Brian Gallagher

United Way Worldwide President and CEO Brian Gallagher today issued the following statement in the wake of yesterday's election:

Election Day is over, and while the ultimate winner is yet to be determined, we should be encouraged by the work underway to come to a fair decision for the American people. This period of uncertainty is nothing to fear. It will take time to count the record number of early and mail-in votes, and every vote should be counted.  

While this is a moment of uncertainty and anxiety for our nation, our work at United Way continues. For more than a century, we have fought for the health, education, and financial stability of every person in every community. We remain committed to mobilizing the caring power of communities to drive real, sustainable social change—grounded in equity, diversity and inclusion. And we remain committed to partnering with government, labor, nonprofit and business to solve our nation’s most intractable problems in this effort.  

United Way looks forward to building on our work this year to galvanize communities, empower them to participate in our democracy, and contribute to solving their most-pressing challenges. This election should be the beginning of a renewed national commitment to civic and community engagement, and United Way looks forward to once again embracing our historic role of helping people come together to build stronger communities for all.