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Press Release

United Way Worldwide Statement on the Passing of Archbishop Emeritus Desmond M. Tutu


United Way was honored to host Archbishop Desmond M. Tutu as the keynote speaker during our 2008 Community Leaders Conference.  His remarks underscored his abiding faith, his life experience and his vision for a better world.  Archbishop Tutu embodied the spirit of servant leadership on a global scale, and became a powerful voice for the vulnerable, the down-trodden, and the oppressed.

Archbishop Tutu’s integrity and courage in speaking truth to power made him the moral compass for his native South Africa, and later, the world.  He stood against injustice in all its forms and spoke out for unity, equality, and the inherent dignity in all of us.  

We extend our deep condolences to his loved ones, to his beloved South Africa, and to his wider global family.  Although the world has lost one of its fiercest fighters, his example of a purpose-driven life will inspire others to take up his mantle for generations to come.

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Vice President, Communications 

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