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Volunteers Come Together for the United Way’s Day of Action - But the Work Continues Year-Round

Original Source - The York Daily

By Caitlin Kerfin

About 500 volunteers were working hard, scattered around York County Friday for the annual York County Day of Action.

The United Way of York County teams up with local agencies for a day of service doing whatever is needed including painting, gardening, and cleaning. Volunteers were community members, though many were serving with coworkers through their employer.

The day of action is one of the biggest days for agencies to have volunteer help, but they're always in need of service throughout the year.

York Day Nursery had volunteers cleaning a play area and the kitchen, while also holding a drive for children's rain boots.

When kids go outside to play in the nature center, they often get muddy, so rain boots would be great to have, said Lisa Rumsey, program director at the nursery.

Throughout the year they are always in need of general supplies like bibs, wipes and infant or toddler board books, which can be dropped off at the nursery at any time.

The nursery often has volunteers come in to read to the kids, Rumsey said, but people can also come in to share a hobby or talk to the kids about the work that they do. If you're interested in doing any of those things or would like to volunteer by cleaning or doing other things that are needed around the nursery, you can go through United Way or call the nursery. Students in a related field may also be able to get observing hours or internships at the nursery.

The Children's Home of York also has a need for volunteers throughout the year, but in a limited way. Because of confidentiality issues and state and federal rules, volunteers won't be able to directly work with the kids the Children's Home of York serves.

However, groups looking to volunteer can contact the agency and they can do things like yard work or painting that is needed.

During the York County Day of Action, volunteers from Bon-Ton were cleaning agency vehicles used to transport children.

"This is very helpful for us," said Nance Montgomery, development coordinator of the Children's Home of York. It may be the one time the vans are able to be cleaned during the year.>

Volunteers from Bon-Ton corporate were happy to help, being able to be outside and enjoy the weather. Their employer gave them the day off to volunteer.

Employees with the BonTon participated in a car wash at the Children's Home of York during the United Way Day of Action

"It's nice driving around and seeing United Way T-shirts, said Lindsay Zeglen, community impact associate at United Way. Participation has increased over the years and it's great to see York County working together, she said.