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Jones County United Way Volunteers Pitch a Hand During Day of Caring

Original Source - Journal Eureka

By Robert Crozier

Nonprofit organizations in Jones County received a surge of volunteer help May 14 when the local United Way participated in the national United Way Day of Caring event.

The coordinated action connected 35 volunteers with six agencies to work on 11 projects, according to Jones County United Way leader Emma Garvin.

Garvin thanked the volunteers for their time, which she said is worth $23.07 per hour. Eight of them were at the Jones County Volunteer Center in the morning, and others were expected from Cedar Rapids and Four Oaks later in the day, she said.

“Even though it’s a small group, you guys are going to make a big difference,” Garvin said. “We’re proud of Jones County, and it’s a great place to be.”

Susan Grabia came from Madison, Wisc., to participate in the event.

“I love Jones County, and Emma [Garvin] is my daughter,” Grabia said, adding that she helped install wetland plugs at Central Park.

Organizations that received volunteer labor included Camp Couragous, the Jones County Safe and Healthy Youth Coalition, the Anamosa Parks and Recreation Department, the Monticello Parks and Recreation Department, Aging Services and the Jones County Farm Bureau, according to Garvin.

Garvin said the Anamosa Walmart sponsored the event by providing materials.

“Any time I go to the Anamosa Walmart and request money, they never turn me down,” she said.