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Improving the Quality of Life and Saving Families Money with Family Wize

Original Source - AmericanTowns

By James W. Horne, Jr., President and CEO, United Way, Greater Union County

The implementation of the Affordable Care Act has allowed more people to have access to healthcare although, sadly, there is a great number who are still uninsured. These are moderate to low-income working-class people who cannot afford their prescription medication, either because they have no insurance or their medication is not covered under their insurance.

For a growing senior-citizen population, the same applies. It was reported in that 52 percent of chronically ill people who are uninsured skip taking their medication and forgo it altogether, because they can’t afford it.

Certainly, having access to affordable prescription medication is vital to the health and well- being of individuals and communities. For this reason, FamilyWize® Community Service Partnership in conjunction with United Way of Greater Union County, have teamed up to insure the best quality of life for Union County residents, by making prescription medication affordable.

United Way and FamilyWize share a vision and dedication to improving the health, education and financial stability of the individual and communities that will define the next generation,” said Stacey Stewart, U. S. President, United Way Worldwide. “Our continued partnership with FamilyWize allows us to generate greater momentum to tackle these issues head-on and create a meaningful impact for consumers across the country.”

The FamilyWize prescription drug card, to date, has saved nearly 12,000 Union County residents in their communities, $90,298.24. Since the inception of FamilyWize and UWGUC partnership in 2007, the overall saving County-wide has been $1,107,866.

Clearly, one of the primary objectives of UWGUC and FamilyWize partnering was to alleviate the financial stress families’ face and to help communities live happier and healthier. We want to encourage families, insured and uninsured, to access the FamilyWize prescription drug card and see the savings for themselves. The cards are available at United Way of Greater Union County in Elizabeth, Family Success Centers in Linden and Roselle, Elizabeth at the Jefferson Park Ministries Family Success Center, Proceed Multicultural Family Success Center in Elizabeth, Plainfield Board of Education Family Success Center and Hillside Family Success Center.

Coming soon two additional centers will open in Union and Rahway.