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While first responders are still searching through burned areas of Maui after the deadliest wildfire in modern U.S. history, some residents are returning home. But rebuilding their lives won’t be quick, or easy. The fire has destroyed hundreds of homes, businesses and schools, and thousands of acres of land. Officials estimate rebuilding costs will exceed $5 billion.

To support its community, Maui United Way is providing immediate assistance to local nonprofits at the forefront of relief efforts and directly to impacted individuals and families.

Donations are meeting critical needs including:

  • Direct emergency financial assistance to survivors
  • Food, shelter, and crisis counseling for displaced families
  • Medical outreach, including mental health care, provided by Native Hawaiian practitioners 
  • Targeted support for individuals with disabilities and mobility issues
  • Transportation to essential services including medical appointments for those who lost vehicles
  • Support with replacing essential documents needed to obtain housing, medical treatment, childcare, and other services
  • Essential supplies and provisions for crisis responders 

Please donate to Maui United Way and provide vital help to those who need it the most.

Donate Now

As the situation evolves beyond initial emergency response, Maui United Way will engage with the community to ensure donations are distributed via a survivor-centered approach that creates a stronger, more resilient community for the future.