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Trust for America’s Health (a leading public health policy organization) and United Way work together to raise awareness and mobilize people around issues like prevention, wellness and public’s health. We also work together on the National Collaborative on Education and Health, which brings national education and health leaders together to encourage partnership between the sectors and ultimately improve health outcomes for people and communities.

The Trust also packages data that United Way uses to drive action—like the Trust for America’s Health study, which showed that approximately $5 billion annually is spent in Minnesota for chronic disease treatment. That revelation helped spur Greater Twin Cities United Way to launch (with Medtronic Philanthropy) a partnership to promote access to quality health care in the Minneapolis-St. Paul region. The partnership leverages shared research, resources and community-based approaches to give people in struggling communities a better chance to understand and manage their health, and to see a doctor or healthcare professional in their neighborhood. 

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