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Target supports United Way’s education work nationally and locally—in big ways and small.

With Target's sponsorship, United Way gathered 1,000 volunteers on the National Mall in Washington, DC a few years ago to assemble 50,000 summer reading backpacks with 150,000 books for elementary school children. More recently, our national education partnership has helped communities across the country collaborate better to improve education, ensuring more young people graduate from high school and college.That's one reason we've recognized Target as an Outstanding Strategic Partner, celebrating its leadership, long-term commitment, volunteering and employee engagement.

Target team members are fully engaged in this work, devoting 250,000 volunteer hours to community work and investing more than $14.6 million in United Way's education, income and health initiatives in 2014. One of Target's goals is to help more children graduate fro high school and college. To support these efforts they not only invested $1 million into the United Way and Strive partnership, they also provided guidance on how to engage vocal volunteers and advocate nationally.

“Target is committed to address our country’s education challenges to ensure all children have access to quality learning, but we can’t do it alone,” said Laysha Ward, President, Community Relations, Target.

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