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P&G's philanthropy and volunteering builds stronger communities all over the world. In Latin America, P&G helped launch Born Learning, United Way's initiative to boost school readiness, in Panama, Peru, Mexico, Columbia, Brazil and Argentina. In Argentina, parents are getting more information to help their kids get ready for school, and childcare workers are receiving training in early childhood development. More than 2,600 young children have benefited as a result.  

Born Learning has helped more than 15 million parents understand how to use everyday moments as learning moments. Additionally, More than 600 United Ways and partner organizations have used Born Learning’s materials to help parents, families and caregivers to promote school readiness and literacy, and to enlist business leaders and decision makers in the cause. Studies have shown that 85% of the brain develops before before kindergarten. This means that a child's first years of life are the most crucial to their development. Children from low income families tend to begin school already far behind. Born Learning provides caregivers with every day action steps in order to better the lives of their children for the future.


“P&G is a global leader in corporate citizenship and a great United Way partner,” said Brian Gallagher United Way Worldwide president and CEO. “P&G and its employees have demonstrated incredible leadership,
innovation and volunteer commitment which are improving children’s lives and making a lasting impact in communities here in the U.S. and around the world.”


In addition to its philanthropic work, P&G leveraged its unique marketing expertise and social media channels through the P&G brandSAVER program, making donations in order to increase viewership and engagement, with over 50 million U.S. households reached.That's one reason United Way has recognized P&G as an Outstanding Strategic Partner, celebrating its leadership, long-term commitment, volunteering, and employee engagement.

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