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As the global pandemic continues to loom and COVID-19 cases steadily increase around the world, Cardinal Health, a global, integrated healthcare services and products company, and United Way Worldwide have teamed up to support pandemic relief efforts in France, Mexico, Philippines, Japan, Canada and Ireland.

From personal protection equipment (PPE) to nutrition and hygiene kits, these relief efforts will focus on those most in need, including young children, single-parent families, and refugee, migrant and indigenous communities.

Together, Cardinal Health and United Way are working to:

  • Improve hygiene and sanitation in shelters serving migrant and refugee communities in Mexico
  • Provide PPE for school children and teachers in France
  • Connect hundreds of young children to nutrition and education assistance in the Philippines
  • Support low-wage families, especially those with young children and single-parent households, in Japan
  • Expand homeless relief services for indigenous communities in Canada
  • Bring wellness support to older people in rural communities through ALONE, a support network for the elderly in Ireland

“We are grateful to partner with United Way Worldwide whose vast global network allows us to provide COVID-19 relief efforts in areas our employees call home around the world,” said Jessie Cannon, Vice President of Community Relations. 

“The fight against COVID-19 is far from over, and United Way’s work supporting vulnerable populations is more important than ever,” said José Pedro Ferrão, International Network President, United Way Worldwide. “Cardinal Health is helping us deliver targeted relief that meets the unique and most-pressing needs facing these communities right now.”  

Learn more about this partnership here.