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Supporting Uttarakhand: United Way India’s Response to the Floods

In July 2023, Uttarakhand faced an unprecedented natural disaster. Heavy rains triggered devastating landslides and floods, particularly in Chamoli district, leaving villages isolated, homes destroyed, and essential goods scarce. In a swift humanitarian response United Way India initiated a critical relief operation under the Swahar initiative, aiming to reach the most vulnerable families with immediate aid. The Swahar program has been supporting 4600+ beneficiaries at 435 Aanganwadis (mother and childcare centers) catering to children under 6 years of age, pregnant and lactating women. Each beneficiary receives a monthly supply of traditional and healthy food packets that include millets such as Ragi (finger Millet), Sorghum (great millet), and Pearl millet. 

Pravesh Uniyal is deeply connected to the realities on the ground in Uttarakhand and played a pivotal role in coordinating the distribution of Flood Relief Ration Kits (FRRKs) to affected households. "These ration kits will provide much-needed relief to families struggling with food insecurity," he remarked, highlighting the impact of the initiative. His words underscore the dire situation of the communities and the significance of the aid provided. 

Through meticulous planning and the support of local volunteers, United Way India distributed essential supplies, including food items and sanitary products to over 2,150 households across remote villages. The distribution required overcoming significant logistical challenges, with volunteers trekking 4-5km to reach villages cut off by the floods.

This story of resilience and collective effort showcases how strategic partnerships and community involvement can create a lifeline for those in dire need. Pravesh Uniyal's involvement shows us how lives can be changed when volunteers are supported by organizations like United Way India. Even in adversity United Way India brought relief and hope to Uttarakhand's affected families. 

If you are interested in learning more about this project, contact or reach out to your local United Way