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Supporting Homeless Youth

In Montreal, nearly one in four children grows up in poverty. That means they are more likely to drop out of high school, earn lower incomes, live in poorer conditions and continue the cycle of poverty. Centraide of Greater Montreal (United Way Montreal) is focused on shifting the odds.

United Way engages 175 community agencies, and invests more than $18M in a comprehensive strategy that includes boosting early childhood development, encouraging academic perseverance, supporting parents and families, and preventing homelessness. 

  • 90,000 children and parents connected with United Way’s network of 30 family homes that offer aid and support across Greater Montreal.
  • 90 percent of young dropouts returned to school after their stay at l’Ancre des Jeunes, an agency in Verdun that’s part of the United Way-supported network.
  • 850 marginalized youth receive support from street workers from PACT de rue, another agency in the network, each year.  

All over the world, United Way is working with local corporate, nonprofit and government partners to give children in underserved communities a stronger chance at success.