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Promoting Independence in Tarrant County

In Tarrant County, Texas, an issue often overlooked is the struggle faced by older adults and individuals with disabilities in moving freely within their own homes. United Way of Tarrant County's Area Agency on Aging of Tarrant County (AAATC) has been instrumental in bridging this gap, forming partnerships with local organizations to enable safety modifications, such as wheelchair ramps and bathroom grab bars.

At the core of this initiative is a spirit of empowerment and collaboration. Take the case of Kenneth Fable, a resident who suffered from heat stroke, requiring extensive physical therapy and now depending on a walker. Thanks to AAA's intervention and the partnership with Lookup Remodel, Kenneth and his wife Donna now have ramps at their front and back doors and grab bars in the bathroom. This has made Kenneth more independent and provided relief for Donna, his primary caregiver.

This project is more than just home improvement; it's about restoring confidence and independence. United Way's AAATC has a longstanding history of serving the Tarrant County community, connecting them to resources that focus on healthy living, and empowering people to thrive independently. This particular intervention, part of a newly funded program in Fort Worth, aligns seamlessly with AAA's mission. It's a compelling statement of what organizations like the United Way and local businesses can achieve when they collaborate.

Kenneth's story is just one example of how these minor home modifications can have a substantial impact on the mental and physical health of older and disabled adults. It's a testament to the United Way's broader commitment to health, education, and financial stability, ensuring that everyone, everywhere, has the opportunity to thrive.

By creating opportunities for independent living, fostering partnerships, and focusing on the community's unique needs, United Way of Tarrant County and AAATC are making a significant difference in Tarrant County and shaping a model of care and support that resonates beyond the region. 

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