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Nourishing Thriving Communities in India

In Patas village, India, four-year-old Vedika and her family faced a daunting challenge: Vedika was underweight, and their struggle with nutrition was becoming dire.

Recognizing the need for collective action, United Way India  along with the local government authority, its corporate donor and on ground implementation partner launched an educational campaign on food security, emphasizing consistent access to safe and nutritious food. Vedika's family and others received training in proper food handling, storage, and preparation, with a focus on personal and environmental hygiene.

The impact of this collaboration has been remarkable. Vedika, once underweight and struggling, enthusiastically embraced her new diet, gaining significant weight, from 11.800 kg in April to 13.500 kg in July. She is not alone. Two-year-old Sakshi and many other children in the Patas community have benefited from a supplemented diet.

Today, Vedika thrives with a bright future ahead, thanks to the collective efforts of United Way India and its partners along with involvement of the Patas community.

The United Way India Nutrition Project has reached 4,532 beneficiaries in Patas village and surrounding areas. It has reduced malnutrition among children, improved the health of pregnant women and lactating mothers, and raised awareness about food security and nutrition.

This project stands as a testament to the power of community collaboration, changing thousands of lives for the better through the partnership between United Way India, the local government authority, its corporate donor, on ground implementation partner, and the Patas community.