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set the course for stakeholder & partner efforts in ost

A good action agenda might include the following:

  • A big picture vision of success for the children and youth in a given community.
  • A discussion of the barriers that get in the way of the vision—i.e. how does the current reality deviate from the community aspiration?
  • A clear position on the role Out-of-School Time opportunities can play to help realize the big picture vision.
  • The current Out-of-School Time landscape (school and community-based), what types of programs are available; where; who do they serve?
  • Challenges and issues that need to be addressed to ensure that Out-of-School Time efforts have the intended result (e.g., access, availability, quality, alignment and coordination, sustainability).
  • Specific recommendations and strategies for addressing these issues. (To see a sample OST strategy map, click here.)
  • Roles that specific community organizations will play (including a lead coordinator) to “take action” and implement the recommendations/strategies and hold themselves accountable for results.
  • Ways for passionate individuals to get involved in this type of work in a personally relevant and mutually beneficial way.

Click here to view Out-of-School Time action agendas developed by local United Ways!


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