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At United Way, we bring anti-trafficking efforts to scale by energizing, coordinating, and mobilizing the United Way Network. We are working to create effective community-based solutions, galvanize collaboration across sectors, and build public and political will to scale strategies across the world that find, stop, and prevent human trafficking and support survivors.

We are innovating where needed, uplifting good work already being done, elevating survivor leadership, and utilizing the United Way Network to catalyze the anti-trafficking work.


  • Building Local Capacity

    A lack of access to education, health care, and financial security are root causes that create systemic vulnerabilities for individuals and communities. Knowing that the needs of each community are different, support local United Ways around the world to build and run individualized plans that detect, stop, and prevent human trafficking and strengthen social safety nets to support survivors.

  • Advancing Education & Awareness

    Creating communities that are resilient to human trafficking requires an understanding of the issue and its complexities, as well as deep engagement and leadership by those with lived experience of it. We are educating the public and raising awareness of the complexity of the issue, while debunking myths and falsehoods. 

  • Promoting Survivor Financial Security

    After experiencing human trafficking, survivors often need financial assistance to rebuild their lives. To support the financial security and economic mobility of survivors, we work with survivor-run partner organizations to create new career pathways for people with lived experience of human trafficking. 

Strategy Guide to Combat Human Trafficking

The Strategy Guide to Combat Human Trafficking is a comprehensive resource that local United Ways can utilize to understand and address the issue of human trafficking in their communities. It aims to empower United Ways across the United States to combat this issue by leveraging existing strengths, partnerships, and programs.

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Companies Battling Human Trafficking

United Way teamed up with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to highlight work being done by leading companies to fight human trafficking. This report, Trust by Performance: Uniting Business and Philanthropy Against Trafficking, emphasizes the important role that the business community and philanthropic sectors play in combating this issue.

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Our Partners

Human trafficking is a complex issue that requires a united and coordinated approach from those working to end it. No single organization, corporation, or government can end this systemic injustice alone — our best hope is an approach that unites all stakeholders.

At United Way, we have worked with hundreds of local United Ways, nonprofit organizations, survivor leaders, corporate partners, and government agencies around the world to combat human trafficking.  

We are grateful to our primary funders in this work, UPS and the UPS Foundation, along with other supporters and partners such as Marriott International, Humanity United, and The Elkes Foundation.