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United Way’s Interview with Kyree Williamson

Many young kids have a dream of playing professional football. But, for 15-year-old Kyree Williamson, his goal is slightly different. He dreams of eventually becoming a General Manager of a professional football team.  

“I’ve been playing football for about seven or eight years, and honestly I’m not the biggest or the tallest,” said Williamson. “In order for me to get playing time, I really needed to know the game and know my assignment.” 

His dream became a bit more of a reality when he had the chance to chat with a Las Vegas Raiders player during a virtual hangout. Specifically, he won the chance to chat with Johnathan Abram, who learned about his dream and decided he wanted to help. 

“A few days after our virtual hangout with Jonathan Abram, we received a text from the Las Vegas Raider’s General Manager, Michael Mayock,” said Williamson. “He told us that Abram continually talked to him during team meetings about how good of a conversation we had.” 

Kyree had the opportunity to then have a conversation with Mayock. He learned about the job from someone who is living and working his dream profession.  

“I learned that in order to have this job, you really have to love the game,” said Williamson.  

For Kyree’s father, Joe, he had a plan from the beginning to help him achieve his goals. 

My plan was to get him immersed in it at a young age,” said Joe. “Help introduce him to people, help him get exposed and most importantly, help him learn.”  

Kyree is really focusing now, as a freshman in high school, on how to achieve his goals. He believes that it needs to begin at a young age, and that you must have a strong love for the game.  

“I watch a lot of film, I take notes on what a player may or may not succeed at,” said Williamson.  

Williamson has now made many connections at a young age that will help him greatly in the future. To see more of the interview that occurred, visit @NFLUnitedWay on social media.