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United Way Character Playbook Event with the Denver Broncos

On November 10th, the Denver Broncos hosted a Character Playbook event for middle school students around the Denver area. This zoom session featured Denver Broncos reporter Phil Milani as well as two current Denver Broncos players.  

The players featured were Deyon Sizer and Dalton RisnerSizer is a defensive end and Risner is a left guard. But, the one thing that stuck out the most to the students was the fact that both Sizer and Risner were born and raised in Colorado.  

Deyon Sizer grew up in Aurora, Colorado where he lived with his family and really grew to love the sport of football throughout high school. Once he graduated, he had the opportunity to play collegiate football at Colorado State–Pueblo which then led to him playing in the NFL with none other than his hometown team, the Denver Broncos.  

Dalton Risner grew up in Wiggins, Colorado. Unlike Sizer, his collegiate opportunity took him out of state to play Division I football at Kansas State University. His time in college gave him the opportunity to come back and play for his hometown team as well.  

Risner and Sizer spoke with junior high and high school students all around the Denver metro about what it means to have good character. Whether this is helping around the house, being the best student you can be, or treating others with respect, they know that these are all important aspects of good character.  

The one thing that Risner really emphasized to the students was to take advantage of the opportunities given to you.  

“It’s not that I HAVE to wake up for practice and work, it’s that I GET to wake up for practice and work,” said Risner“There are days where I don’t want to get up for work, but I remember the opportunity that I have and get excited for the day.” 

Risner and Sizer reiterated that in order to be successful, one must have a great start to the day. They focused on eating a healthy breakfast to prepare yourself for what is to come throughout the following hours.  

Sizer also talked about how chores were a big part of his daily routine growing up. He and his siblings were taught to make their bed every single day, as well as helping out around the house when possible. The students learned that you should always give your best effort, no matter how small the task. 

Overall, Sizer and Risner focused on how grateful they are to be able to represent their hometowns with the Denver Broncos. They are proud of what they were taught growing up, and made sure to emphasize to the students to take advantage of every single opportunity you get.  

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