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NFL & United Way Blog

NFL Teams Help Ease Election Stress

With the uncertainty of Tuesday night’s election, teams from around the National Football League have offered assistance to over worked election officials and busy polling locations.  

Pittsburgh Steelers

By Kyla Robinson

The NFL’s only undefeated team continues to excel on and off of the field. Multiple players from the Pittsburgh Steelers purchased dinner for all of the poll workers at the Allegheny County ballot-counting site on Nov. 4.

Pennsylvania has yet to declare which presidential candidate has won their state because so many mail-in ballots were submitted and, therefore, have to be counted one-by-one. The poll workers were certainly grateful for the members of the Steelers’ organization who took the time to care for them as people. For more information on the Steelers’ kind gesture, click here.

Kansas City Chiefs

By Claire Strickland

The Kansas City Chiefs and United Way of Greater Kansas City recently partnered to host a voting registration event at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City. United Way also assisted the Kansas City Royals and Harvesters to provide food to families in need.  
This event was held in the Chiefs parking lot, allowing for the general public to drive up and register to vote, as well as continue to social distance as needed.  

United Way of Greater Kansas City heavily assisted Harvesters, a community food network within Kansas City to provide food to nearly 3,000 families in need, which accumulated to over 100,000 pounds of food. These families could come to the event and get what they needed to make sure their families are healthy and have plenty to eat during the Coronavirus Pandemic.  

United Way of Greater Kansas City also partnered with Women’s League of Voters and Vote K.C. to encourage not only voting, but registration and education as well. This allowed for those who were not yet registered to vote, to register on the spot so that they could vote on Election Day. Many people do not necessarily understand the process of registering to vote, so United Way of Greater Kansas City and the Kansas City Chiefs wanted to do what they could to make the process easier for the citizens of both Kansas and Missouri.  

This event featured the Chiefs Cheerleaders as well as the Kansas City Chief’s own drumline, Chiefs Rumble. It also included the Kansas City Royals KCrew, and both teams’ mascots, K.C. Wolf and Sluger. This brought entertainment and impact for the Kansas City community. 

 To see photos from the event, visit here.